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NOW OPEN in Houston!

at the shops at
Houston center.
11:00am - 2:30pm

Houston Center 1200 McKinney St Houston,
TX 77010, USA

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Houston center!
11:00am - 2:30pm
1200 McKinney St Houston,
TX 77010, USA
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Also find our amazing products to cook at home.
Our hours for lunch are 11:00 AM TO 2:PM, and dinner 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm.
But you can always find our products. store hours 9am to 10pm every day.


PASTA, RAVIOLI, lasagna, fetuccine...

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Luisa’s Kitchen can bring the pasta party to your home, office, studio lot or special event.



Natural ingredients naturally make better foods.

As a mother, I wanted to serve my family the best. The problem is, more often than not, the best I could find at the supermarket is foods filled with ingredients I cannot even pronounce. If I cannot get them out of my mouth, I do not want my kids putting them in their mouths! After doing a little research I learned that the root cause behind many of the health problems people are plagued with today is the foods they eat. It seems like everything is overly processed and packed with artificial ingredients, preservatives, and chemicals.

I decided the only way to ensure that I am serving my family the best is to make my food as much possible myself. I started making my

fresh pasta at home using traditional techniques and natural ingredients. My family was crazy about it so I thought, why can’t everyone enjoy truly fresh pasta? I started DellaCasa Pasta so I could make truly fresh pasta available to everyone. What started out as a way to provide my family with wholesome food has become my passion. It turns out that natural ingredients really do naturally make better foods.

After 3 years selling our delicious pastas, ravioli, sauces and lasagnas at farmer’s markets around the city, and at specialty stores, we are now ready to open our first Fast Casual Restaurant concept.

Our restaurant name:
Luisa’s Pasta

Luisa’s Pasta is our new Fast Casual concept offering Fresh Pastas, Ravioli, Pastas, Sauces, Lasagnas, Salads, and desserts. At our restaurant guests can choose their Pasta, Sauce and topping combinations, or they can choose one of our favorite dishes. Luisa’s Pasta will also have a retail component where customers can purchase Pastas, Ravioli, Ready-to-Bake Lasagnas and Pasta Sauces, - all ready to carry out home to share with family and friends. These are all fresh and natural meals that can be prepared in less than 5 minutes. We are growing thanks to our customers that have supported us always. Thank you friends.